Easy Survey Design

Easily design surveys and publish the surveys to your mobile sales reps devices when you’re ready.

Custom Question Types

Ensuring data is uniform across all users’ makes data analysis more valuable. Choose from ten different response types including: Text, Date, Integer, Decimal, True/False, Yes/No, Multiple Values, Matrix, Signature capture, Bar Codes and Images

Improve retail execution with Images and see what your reps see

You can’t be everywhere. jLAN Briefcase organizes, geo tags and time stamps every image captured on your reps mobile device.

Analyze Results and convert information into knowledge

With the jLAN Briefcase portal you can view and analyze results in real time. Responses are automatically graphed according to data type.

Geo Code Survey Responses

jLAN Briefcase automatically records the time, date and geo coordinates for each survey. All Image type questions are automatically geo tagged with location coordinates, time and date. Survey responses are plotted on a map so you can see where the action is.


Assign customers to routes to ensure sales teams stay on track and productive. Never skip that all important customer again.

Keep your digital assets current

Add, update, delete or rename a file in the jLAN Briefcase file manager and a notification is sent to your team as their files are automatically updated. This ensures all team members are working with the same digital assets and providing consistent information and presentations.

File Viewing Statistics

With jLAN Briefcase File Manager module you will know exactly what files are being presented by your sales team. Sales and marketing managers will appreciate the insight they will receive by knowing exactly what digital assets are used by what sales representative.

Manage sales and merchandising teams

Setup teams so they can share the surveys, customers and digital assets. Invite new team members as needed and control access from the jLAN Briefcase portal.

Security, Reliability and Scalability

jLAN Briefcase is proudly developed and hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform. Store & Access Real-Time Data Securely in the cloud and don’t worry about eating up precious smartphone storage, expensive servers or unsecured email connections—all of your data is stored securely in the cloud.

Easy to use iOS or Android App

Your reps can use iOS or Android devices or mix and match as needed.

View daily route schedule

Use the jLAN Briefcase Routes module to view your daily work schedule. Or choose to visit customers in any order you prefer.

Adaptive surveys

Increase survey adoption rates with a consistent experience across a range of devices, with surveys that adapt automatically to the screen size on which they are viewed.

Retail Audits

jLAN's Retail Audits help you evaluate a brand's sales volume, sales trends, stock levels, effectiveness of in-store display and promotion efforts. Use audits to standardized your data capture by product.