jLAN Briefcase

Easily collect field data from anywhere on any device.

jLAN Briefcase gives you the ability to collect survey data and complete retail audits anywhere, anytime on any device. jLAN Briefcase is cloud based and helps both your field team members and marketing managers improve productivity and make important decisions quickly. Never again will you search countless emails to collect and analyze data.

jLAN’s merchandising solutions enable your reps to easily capture survey data and geo tag photos of shelves and in- store merchandising displays. Managers can see completed surveys and retail audits from the jLAN Briefcase web-console so you can proactively protect and increase your business.

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  • Create Routes

    jLAN Briefcase Routes module lets you plan your field teams daily schedules. All survey responses are geo tagged so you can monitor route progress.

  • Custom Survey Creation

    jLAN Briefcase gives you the ability to quickly create custom robust surveys. Choose from a dozen different question types. All question types are designed to take advantage of the touch friendly interface of mobile devices to optimize your users’ experience.

  • Mobile Surveys

    Users enjoy an easy to use portable, consistent mobile survey experience that adapts based on their specific customer routes.

  • Synchronize Marketing with your Field Teams

    Capturing survey data remotely on mobile devices gives your company the ability to proactively respond to trends. jLAN Briefcase offers the data collection and analysis functionality you need to become a more agile business.

Beautiful Across All Devices

Now You Can Work Anywhere


Any company with a mobile sales and merchandising team needs a way to gather, consolidate and analyze the information their team collects. Because managers can’t be on the front lines, you must rely on your team to collect market data and send it back to you. But, how effectively can you really make sense of this data with a manual system?
The answer is you can’t. Even with the most painstaking Excel spread sheets, you can never be 100% sure you have tallied al the survey results across all the merchandisers. jLAN Mobile Briefcase eliminates the uncertainty associated with manual processes or outdated mobile system because it’s entirely automated.

Create SurveysCollect DataFile ManagementData AnalysisImprove Productivity
Create surveys and questionnaires on the jLAN Briefcase.com portal. Choose from 9 different data types to ensure you are collecting the appropriate data format for the question.
Based on routes, your merchandising teams visit customer locations to complete surveys and capture photos in the field with their smartphones and tablet. The data is automatically sent back to the jLAN Briefcase cloud server.
Securely upload files and marketing materials to jLAN Briefcase File Manager. The materials will be instantly accessible from your user’s mobile device. Show your retailers the most up-to-date marketing content. Sales reps see the same and latest version of materials.
The jLAN Briefcase portal consolidates survey data collected from team members and presents it to marketing managers in an easy to understand graphical format.
Allow your team to visit customer locations faster using preloaded surveys and routes. Managers can make real time decisions and proactively address merchandising trends. Team members feel empowered in front of customers to take immediate action.


1 User
100 Mb Storage
1 survey
5 Routes
$9.oo / user per month
10 Users
500 Mb Storage
10 surveys
10 Routes
$19.oo / user per month
Unlimited Users
1000 Mb Storage
Unlimited surveys
Unlimited Routes

Sign-up on a monthly basis without long term commitments!

All plans come with:

  • Easy online access
  • Auto-sync files to tablet
  • Instant analytics
  • Customize folders & surveys

  • Offline access to files
  • Offline surveys
  • Create routes & mapping

about jl briefcase


Since 2001, jLAN Technologies, Inc. has been developing mobile solutions that help businesses manage their mobile and route sales teams. Our flagship product, jLAN Mobile Sales, is used around the world and is a premier direct store delivery and route accounting solution.

We learned our trade by working with hundreds of companies on the sales and distributions side. Now jLan Technologies is focused on rounding out our offering by developing software for the marketing and merchandising teams in our customers businesses. The rapid convergence of tablets, cloud infrastructure, expanded Wi-Fi and cell data coverage has enabled us to bring you this breakthrough data collection technology, jLAN Briefcase.

jLAN Technologies, Inc.